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Posté par cameroon24 le 23 novembre 2011

As part of a participative process of the national anti corruption commission(NACC) to combat corruption, the ministry of basic education organised a two dayworkshop in yaounde with the aim to disseminate relative information on the national strategy to fight against this ill.

minedub.jpg   Speaking at this cometogether, the head of this ministerial department,YOUSSOUF HADJIJA ALIM said bribery of marks, payment of school fees and other factors should be killed as there is need to promote intellectual property, honesty and academic excellence.Mobilisation of stakeholders and effective follow-up of operations on the field are some important challenges cited by the minister of basic education.

Presenting the document  for this national strategy, the inspector general of services Mr Nanga Charles outlined the index perception of the ministry at 6.4 on 10 and the various five axes chosen as plan of action for this fight.


The first point being prevention is geared towards the reduction of corrupt acts in the education sector;as proposed by the NACC, this strategy carries eight actions.

The second point being education focuses on the implementation of sensitisation actions and brings stakeholders to change habits.

The third pillar -condition is aimed at installing an immunity system with some eleven proposed actions to be undertaken.

The fourth point being incitation, targets the putting in place of mechanisms and new references of values with some four actions to be undertaken.

The fifth strategy being sanction has to do with dissuading individuals involved in this act by setting mechanisms to punish them through some seven actions.


Percentages of various categories of people involved in the fight against corruption in the basic education millieu were released to enlighten officials present at the workshop:

The first category of people described as stakeholders of the ministry are said to be engaged at 50percent;the second category that includes; Regional delegates,headmasters,inspectors etc is estimated at 40 percent and the third category which is composed of the entire community(NGOs, students, parents etc) is engaged at 70 percent in the fight it is the the category that resist the most and says « no » to corruption.

Yet, with regards to this workshop that came to arm more officials of this ministerial department,the fight against corruption for remindal has been launched in 2006 in MINEDUB.


Implanted in all sectors of life in Cameroon,corruption remains the number one ennemy of the NACC who intends by 2015 to integrate values with an economic growth based on good work,distributed equally in abid to assure social well being in a preserved environment.


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